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What kind of journey do you want to have for your own life?

When I ask you what your self’s life would look like, what do you think about this question?

You can think out the various answers about my question. One of your possible answers might be that life would be a journey.

How about your life journey?

I hope your life journey to be happy and successful. If not or you want to have a more successful and happier life journey, please refer to the following steps for that.

-Step 1: Think about what the most important and uncertain factors to affect your own life would be.

-Step 2: Create your life’s vision and goals based upon them.

-Step 3: Imagine the last scene of your life when you leave this world.

 -Step 4: Do your daily activities tuned to that.

In my case, the last scene of my life can be described as three words such as Peaceful, Thankful and Full. It would be a little possible to imagine what my life’s vision and goals might be backwards from that.

Whatever my life journey would be, I believe I could be peaceful, thankful for everything and full with my purpose when I leave this world.

Question: Could you describe the last scene of your life in terms of core keywords?


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