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What would the true output of a consulting project be?

If we carry out a management consulting project, what would its output be? If we think about it more specifically, the following three types of outputs can be considered.

Among them, the first and most important output is to deliver some valuable messages to the corresponding client, which move the client’s mind and let the client implement the suggestions based on the consulting output.

The second type of output is the report for presentation, which is produced by using Power Point in order to maximize the visual impact of graphics capabilities, rather than by writing out the output in as much detail as possible.

The third type of output is to produce as much thick report as possible. For people who like to read this kind of report, it may be preferable. But if the report is thick, generally speaking, most people want to escape from that. In this case, the summary report would be strongly demanded.

If so, what do you think the best output would be?

That would fill the client’s mind with valuable and touching messages, and enable such mind to be continuously supported. Without fully understanding this respect, if we simply think about how much the consulting budget is, based on the thickness of a report, there would be much to be missed.

Of course, I as a management consultant felt conflicted about that when I met a client who wanted to accomplish their hidden goal through the consulting project without thinking about the true picture of the consulting project.

When I carried out a consulting project for a university, I had time to present the final report to the president of the university. At that time, I said to him, ” The most important thing to do now in order to reform your university is that you need to be determined to leave your soul for your university.”

The keyword of the consulting project was “Soul.”  If such prerequisite was not fully met, all the outputs would do the university no good.

Thus, the true output should surpass a mere and showy solution based on techniques and methodologies. The output will be the true outcome when it includes some touching messages to be delivered to the client’s mind



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