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My comment:“Who can risk self’s life to self’s work and innovate in a market? The role of Angels and VCs should be no more than a supporting role for entrepreneurs. If they become one of the constraints on the innovation process of the business ecosystem, there would be no win-win game.

Don’t control entrepreneurs, but instead support them for a win-win game.”

So A Blogger Walks Into A Bar…

My comment:” We can’t push young people into our thinking by saying that we as older people lived more life than young people, so that we know a little more about what a life would be, even though that would be better to them.

There would be no way to deliver our wisdom to them except by continuously communicating with them and showing reliable role models to them. The most important thing to do that is to help them by themselves find out the solutions to their problems or tasks by asking them the wise questions, rather than directly answering them.
*Please refer to”

The ‘Advice Gap’: When Words of Wisdom Fall on Deaf Ears

My comment:” This article shows us how terrible the prejudice would be, even though limited to the age. If we think that our human beings are not perfect, the failure rate of whatever we do would be lower.

If the youthful entrepreneur and the older entrepreneurs become a mentor as well as mentee, they would make a successful business. In consideration of the above-mentioned findings related to creativity and innovation, policy makers and venture capitalists should give a balanced support to the prospective entrepreneurs.”

The Golden Age of Innovation http: //

My comment:” Thank you for sharing your valuable experience and insight.

Those people who don’t deeply understand and feel the reasons why they should get there would not know what the most important and uncertain factors to affect life would be.

Dear Roger, I would like to say that you already grasped the factors, and most importantly, you have been living your life in accordance with your belief based on them.
I hope your positive energy to spread to the world.”

How do they get to be that way?

My comment:” The new start-ups will bring more vitality to the country.

As you mentioned, the external environment changes such as new market opportunities and rapid technological changes, and the resulting opportunities for new businesses can contribute to creating the new start-ups.

However, as you know, the uncertainty would be higher. The uncertainty, as the two sides of the same coin, has both opportunities and risks. In this regard, we need to provide the university graduates starting careers with a good opportunity to fully understand and prepare that beforehand.

I hope each of them to grow up as a CEO, entrepreneur, inventor and mentor for the country as well as self.”

A Gift for Grads: Start-Ups

My comment:” Thanks for sharing the insight.

As you mentioned, life itself has uncertainty, so that such uncertainty may contribute to making a special life story for each of us. Sometimes, It would be a kind of human drama beyond our imagination.

In this respect, we need to learn scenario thinking to create a life scenario for each of us, and also need to learn how to communicate with self as well as God, which enable us to plan for future life.”

Embracing uncertainty

My comment:” As always, human greed and arrogance will destroy the natural order, which is so valuable for all stakeholders, not only for the for-profit company.

As a result, we will experience a lot of damage, and specially, the socially disadvantaged will experience more damage, from which our world can not be perfectly recovered.

As all problems and conflicts can be solved through going back to the root cause, we must go back to the fundamental basics.

Video: As BP’s recklessness ruins the Gulf Coast, CEO Tony ‘Soprano’ Hayward calls oil disaster’s impact “very, very modest”:

My comment:” Uncertainty would be composed of opportunity and risk which are inseparable from each other just like two sides of the same coin. In the increasingly complex 21st century, the individual or the enterprise that can create an unique value through this intractable amalgam will become winner. “

What Chief Executives Really Want:

My comment:”Thanks for sharing your touching story.

You must have truly found one of the most important and uncertain factors affecting your personal life. Furthermore, simply beyond your feelings, that seems to have deeply been ingrained in your mind and behaviour.

However, I would like to say that there would be another one which you have to find for your happier and more successful future life. Hopefully, you have a good opportunity to do that in the near future.

I’m expecting to hear your next story about that.”

Two or Three Things I Know For Sure:

My comment: “Touching story!

As one dot turns the word “Impossible” into “I’m possible,” If every one of us can positively find the core constraint among various problems to daily be encountered, those can more easily be solved, and furthermore, each person’s destiny can be changed.

Above all, the lesson to be learnt through this touching story would be deeply engrained in our mind.

How often has every one of us ever actually experienced this type of touching story?

I think the happiness and success of life must be proportionate to the frequency.”

When Your Goal Is the Impossible:

My comment: “Thanks for sharing your valuable story.

As you mentioned, we have so much to learn from each other, if we have some opportunities to communicate with each other. we can mentor each other.

Even though the communication tools have been different owing to technological innovations, the fundamental source for that has not been changed. I believe it is “Love”. If we deeply love each other, even though whatever the conflicts would be, we can get over them.

Your topic newly makes me meditate on the self-sacrificing love of my parents.
Hopefully, your blog would be shared with more people around the world.”


My comment: “This topic makes me think more deeply about the changes of the 21st century.

Let’s more deeply dig into the fundamental reasons of the social sharing.

I think human beings essentially want to live as a creator of his or her life, not simply a follower. In this respect, above all, the technological environment of the 21st century enables us to do that.

Even though everyone has a strong motivation to create and share his or her own values, if there are no innovative infrastructure and creative thinking to support that, we can’t behave like that.

Everyone lives in the world where the dream comes true through creating unique values and sharing them with other people around the people just as everyone dreams his or her own life’s future dream.

The most important thing is that our human beings already deeply felt the feelings of creator and this trend can’t be reversed. Who can change this megatrend? No way!

The only way we should go is to use this social sharing for more valuable things. This should not be limited only to the purpose of business. Think about human being’s life. If so, we can find more opportunities to use that.”

Why Social Sharing Is Bigger Than Facebook & Twitter:

My comment: Take a deep breath for your future life, and then think about the most uncertain and important factors affecting your future life. Create your life-long scenario on which your dream and goals are built.”

My Advice to New Graduates:

My comment: Thanks for sharing your valuable experience.

I would like to say that you had a good opportunity to see a new world from multiple perspectives through travelling.

As you mentioned, I believe each person has her or his own life scenario(story) with God’s unique gift, on which each person’s dream, goals, and daily activities are built.

I congratulate you on your successful exploration.
Hopefully, your dream come true.”


-My comment: “Generally speaking, when we think about Business School, we can expect that it can bring us better oportunities to make more money.

In this respect, I think, this article tells us a very important insight about truely making money, which all the related people, such as faculity members and students, should keep in mind.

I would like to show an example for being added to that.

When I asked people a question: What do you think the most uncertain and important factors to affect your future life would be? Most of them answered, “Money and Health”

When I heard that,I told them,”Right”

But I asked them again to dig deeper into two factors, say,”Money and Health” for realizing the fundamental factors hidden in them. It may be the first key to open the door for truly making money.

And my last question is: What do you think the best way to diffuse a positive energy to other people around the world is?

The answer to this question is the second key to do that.

I hope Business School to teach students how to answer the aforementioned questions. If this is possible, more people around the world will have good opportunities to live more successful and happier lives.”

“Business Schools: Teaching More Than Work Ethic, Posted April 15, 2010”

My comment: “I would like to say that the term crowdsourcing would be like a kind of collective brainstorming with a financial reward for its results.

Basically, the three aspects, say, networking and collective intelligence and mutually beneficial reward sysytem will continue to change the world.

Let’s think about what we can work out as a good solution for our future world by using the three kinds of characteristics. The solution will be a true business driven by our human dream.”

“Marketer Says, ‘Dish Out the Ad and Marketing Ideas’,  April 14, 2010, 6:09 pm”

-My comment: Before take the university or college, think about your life’s dream and goals.

Stop shopping for that, and rush into your real life to accomplish your real dream because you don’t have enough time to hesitate about this matter.

Don’t waste your life!”

“Advice From the Keeper of a Long Waiting List,  April 13, 2010, 9:23 pm”

– My comment: Even though the plan for making money from Ads is actually implemented, something valuable for both users and Twitter should be developed through conflating other contents and Twitter.
Think about what would be complementary to Twitter!”

“Twitter Unveils Plans to Draw Money From Ads,  April 13, 2010, 1:50 am”

What’s Happening With Twitter?

-My Comment: “Thanks for your insightful article.

I would like to say that this is a good example enough for people to understand calculus.
If our lives like light could naturally find the paths through which we should go, we might live more successful and happier lives. “
“Change We Can Believe In,  April 11, 2010, 5:00 pm”
My comment: ” I’m wondering if we could accept without our own feelings whatever might happen to us.  Even though whatever happens to us, is it possible to say that it has its own meanings regardless of our feelings?
When we talk about positive thinking, I think what it means to think and behave positively may be more future-oriented.  If we do that, we can gain more positve effects in the future than not. The positive thinking can balance and harmonize our feelings for our successful and happy lives.”

Why Positive Thinking Is Bad For You,  published on April 7, 2010″

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