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Are you unique? Why are you unique?

How has the digital era, accomplished by the development of information and communication technology breakthrough, been changing our life? What kind of changes do happen to our life? Can we more vividly feel the differences if our life spans from the analog era to the digital one? The people who are not familiar with the innovative digital devices and software or reject them may feel differently about the width and depth of the changes.

In particular, in a social network era represented by Facebook and Twitter, we may be classified as a group half-willingly and half not. Maybe each of us will be stored in one record(row) in a computer database. However, compared to the past, more attributes or fields in the computer database will be needed to explain our own identity, and more long-term data will be accumulated.

As Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, each of us may be classified into a social graph. We may be classified into certain groups by external factors, rather than our true self. Companies or organizations with specific objectives will attempt to use that constantly. They will intend to precisely analyze and take advantage of our behaviors. Particularly, even though they claim to support a win-win game, they may focus on our addictive behaviors and their commercial values, and develop business concept and model based on them. 

As a result, they monitor and analyze and use our behaviors. The websites related to our human behaviors are summarized as the following chart. Of course, all websites are not included. They may provide us with some useful tools. Some of them would be very useful to the public in terms of the public interest. 

Tools are only tools.

Before using them, we must ask ourselves the following questions.

What would you like to become?

Are you unique, not just a record(row) in a database? 

Why are you unique?

Are you one of the unique worlds?


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