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I asked a question of John P. Kotter, Harvard Business School Professor & Author of Leading Change and The New Rules, January 06, 2010 as follows:

“Dear Professor John P. Kotter,

If people can plan their life in the  longer term and from broad perspectives, I think people can live happier and more successful lives. But most of people may disregard the importance of planning and implementing their life-long plan, even though it is very important to their happy and successful lives. I think if we can help people do that, we can save a lot of people from negative situations such as poverty, etc. Please let me know a solution for that. I really appreciate your opinion.”

His kind reply is:

I suspect it all starts with someone becoming aware of what he/she deeply cares about. For most people this is difficult because their hearts (or wherever deep values reside) are covered with toxic feelings of all sort, feelings of anger or anxiety or envy or disappointment. These negative feelings, stimulated by the toxic world you live in and how you react to that world, make it very difficult to find your true passions. Get rid of the toxins (you can), find those values, create a longer-term vision/mission based on those values, and then behave each day in accordance with that vision—and you will become happier and more productive. Someday I will write a book about this.


As you can imagine from his reply,

If you start from the fundamental questions about life, even though entangled in your daily activities, you can gain knowledge and wisdom for a more successful and happier life.

The questions about life will go on until all the people around the world can live more successful and happier lives.

Would you join us?

If you have some good idea about how to live a successful and happy life, please get networked with other people in the world.

I hope more people to share their valuable experiences and ideas with other people in the world, and this movement will let us live more successful and happier lives in the future.

This blog is expected to have some role to pave the way for that.


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