What do you think the best way to use a pocket-sized notebook, diary, journal ,and planner is? What about along with smartphone?

Do you think the analog method like using a pocket-sized notebook, diary, journal, and planner notebook with pen or pencil can coexist with the digital one like using Smartphone in the digital age?

A pocket-sized notebook, diary, journal, and planner notebook with pen or pencil can be used for various uses such as agenda and time management, and memo.

When I asked people the questions like ”what do you think the best way to use a pocket-sized notebook, diary, journal, and planner is?” and “what about along with Smartphone?”, some people strongly supported the use of a pocket-sized notebook, diary, journal, and planner notebook with pen or pencil, but some people empathized the importance of the use of software as follows:


From: Andrew Gordon(Coordinator, Social Media at National Summer Learning Association)

Date: April 1, 2010
To: Michael Chang
I’ve always had good luck with Moleskines. They’re professional looking and durable.

As to using them, if you haven’t seen this post yet by Mike Rohde, you should. He’s turned his Moleskine into a custom weekly planner.

I’ve done the same with a pocket-size, too. It works. Hope this helps.


Here’s the full size: http://apgordon.com/2010/03/11/poor-mans-moleskine/
And the pocket size: http://apgordon.com/2010/03/16/the-poor-mans-moleskine-part-2-pocket-sized/

From: Corey Tyhurst( Associate Manager at Procter & Gamble, Canada)
Date: April 2, 2010
To: Michael Chang

I have recently switched from using a standard notebook to using Microsoft OneNote 2007 for all of my meeting notes. It provides a great way to organize notes, set tasks in outlook for later, or link important pieces of information together.

-Eliminates the need for a paper notebook
-Full integration with the entire Office Suite
-Makes it very easy to send meeting notes or agendas to colleagues
-Affordable (It’s approx. $150 for a personal version, I paid $55 for my corporate license)
-You can integrate it with your Windows based smart phone or iphone

-If Gmail is your main email platform, there is no integration features, but obviously still works with Word/Excel/PPT
-You have to have a netbook or laptop with you at all times (I personally was always carrying around a laptop AND a notebook, so this wasn’t a con for me)
-You have to ensure you back up your files consistently because you will no longer have a paper record or your notes.


From: Richard Bott( Minister at St. Andrew’s Haney United Church (of Canada))
Date: April 1, 2010
To: Michael Chang
I love my smartphone (thank you, Google!), but I find that keeping text-based notes on it is difficult for me to do. On a normal-sized keyboard, I type faster than I write… but I don’t have an “instant on” computer.

So I carry a pocket-sized notebook to keep my ongoing ‘to-do’ list in, with the back half of it set aside for taking quick notes in improptu conversations.

From: Christine Hueber(Social Media Relationship Marketing Consultant at StorageFolsom.com)

Date: April 1, 2010
To: Michael Chang

I prefer to use a smartphone whenever possible because then what I want is in the same place.

I would use the former for more ritualized notes.
From: Kim Ervin(Outreach Team Member at Microsoft)

Date: April 2, 2010
To: Michael Chang

@Corey — Thank you so much for suggesting OneNote for Michael. OneNote is a tremendous way to organize and track notes, easily scan through them with search tools, and integrate with other Office documents. We’d love to have your voice and experience in the Microsoft Office LinkedIn Group. You can join the community, here:http://bit.ly/Lp5CA .

Microsoft Office Outreach


As well known, surely, the software has advantages, but what about sketching and generating ideas, and creating a story? Do you think it is possible to do them without paper and pen or pencil?

In this respect, I would like to say that I prefer paper and pen or pencil.

Whenever I carried on a consulting project, I sketched its framework on paper and explained about that to my team members. I can’t forget how easily they understand my messages.

I would like to show two-page spread format of my notebook for generating ideas about some issue  as follows:


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