Who mentored you?

Growing up, were there people in your life who helped you internally communicate with yourself, create your dream(vision), set and successfully implement your goals, and finally become the person you are today?

Think about family members, a spiritual leader, a teacher or coach, a neighbor, a boss, a colleague, or family friend; those people were mentors to you.

Thank them!

Please leave your comment in consideration of the following answers in order to share it with other people in the world.

From: Susie Marks Watt (Associate Dean for General Studies at ITT Technical Institute )

Date: March 15, 2010
To: Michael Chang
Many, including relatives and friends, bosses and co-workers, but as a lifelong educator, I must say that much of the most valuable learning brought home to me, about myself, about life, and about my profession, I learned from my students. They continue to contribute to my growth, and I am ever thankful.
From: Pegine Echevarria(CEO/President at Team Pegine Inc.)
Date: March 14, 2010
To: Michael Chang
Mom – Became highest ranking Latina in her field. Mentored men, women and was an incredible role model for many, including me.

Alan Roth – the toughest SOB in sales. He was brilliant, tough, didn’t take any crap and most importantly made me a terrific sales person.

Pedro Bautista – Madrid Spain. taught me business. Believed in my concept and invested in me. A True Entrepreneur

Grandfather – never met him but learned about determination, persistence and believing in oneself from the stories my family shared about him.

Members of my professional associations, members of my master mind group. LOTS of authors who shared their wisdom through books.

Private Note:
Great question. Hope you get lots of responses.

From: Peggy DeMouthe( Freelance Writer at Northern California)
Date: March 15, 2010
To: Michael Chang
When I started in adversing as a copy secretary (before “administrative assistants” existed), I had free access to some of the great minds in the business. They were the original “mad men” and women–and they passed on the history of the business as well as their knowledge. They gave me my first breaks and taught me how to deal with everything from writer’s block to fussy clients, and made me confident about taking risks.

I wish I had kept the draft of a radio script I did for a long-gone Levi Strauss product line called Sierra Humps. Mike Koelker just wrote across the top of the page: “Make this weirder.” Now that’s encouragement!

From: Kumuda Gururao Ph.D. (Social Media Learning / Marketing and Management Consultant at Advisor2U, India)

Date: March 15, 2010
To: Michael Chang
My Prof. Dr.Raja Ganesan from University of Madras, India played a very important role in my career. After my Ph.D, when I was about to relax for some time (long time), he allowed me to relax for few days and said I should keep up the momentum, and urged me to continue my quest for learning, research, innovation etc.

His constant encouragement made be
• publish books,
• participate in International Conferences
• Publish articles in professional journals
• Win laurels and awards

My family and friends were very cooperative and offered continuous encouragement to my efforts.

From: Bill Nigh(Experienced, productive, and affable IT professional)
Date: March 14, 2010
To: Michael Chang
No one. I wish I had had mentors, but it never happened. My life and career have turned out just fine, but your question made me wonder how different things would have been.
From: Sandy McMillan(Independent Trainer & Coach, United Kingdom)
Date: March 15, 2010
To: Michael Chang
Many people did and I hope I thanked them enough.

‘Mutual Mentoring’ works and Linked In is a good place to find the other person. Google MM to get some useful references.

On 3/15/10 3:53 AM, Sandy McMillan added the following clarification:
Good reference on Mutual Mentoring at http://www.ruthschimel.com/documents/MentoringforMutualBenefit.pdf

From: Don Waskiewicz(Owner at Deep Blue Insights, LLC)

Date: March 15, 2010
To: Michael Chang
Interesting question. I have had many over the years although a few were significantly more influential than others. Some of them may have intentionally sought to instruct me while others either negatively or positively taught through their actions. Some I have thanked in person, others may never realize the significance of their influence. In turn, I enjoy acting as the mentor, and I do so without ever expecting anything in return. I think the reward is in seeing your influence contribute to these individual’s success.  
From: Warren Orlans(Canadian Tax Manager at Computershare, Canada)
 Date: March 18, 2010
To: Michael Chang
When I was working at the Federal government I led a project to create a mentoring program for the tax office I worked in. I ran the program for 3 years and had the pleasure of being mentored by 2 senior managers, on in audit and one in collections. The most valuable mentoring relationship I had was an informal one, over 5 years, with the consultant we hired, Kathy Conway, as she helped me understand life in the public service and how to help others achieve their goals. She also insisted I become a mentor both inside and outside the government. It helped me quite a lot. If I knew where Kathy was today I would thank her. I attached a link to her book. It is wonderful.

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