How to plan our life in order to live a successful and happy life

The topic to talk about: how to plan our life in order to live a successful and happy life.

This is Touchyourdream Space for passion and cocreation where we can talk about some topics through SNS and share mentors’ ideas and opinions with other people around the world.

The topic is about ”how to plan our life in order to live a successful and happy life”.

There are many mentors around us, whom we can easily contact through SNS. I asked the question about the aforementioned topic of them through Linkedin. You can recognize how much their ideas would be helpful for us. If you have some idea or opinion about this topic in consideration of the following answers, please leave your good comment in order to share it with other people in the world

From: Natalia Vrouvaki(Managing Director at Alphatax Accounting & Consulting, Greece)
Date: February 9, 2010
To: Michael

Dear Michael,
I’m afraid happiness cannot be planned; most of the times, whatever you do, either right or wrong, there are so many sleazy factors it is impossible to predict what will happen.
Happiness lies in everyday life, all you have to do is enjoy it. As far as success is concerned, that depends on how a single person defines it; is it making lots of money, having a great career / family or just working on something you love? You are the one to decide it.
Of course you should do your best and avoid unnecessary risks, but even in that case no one can guarantee everything will turn out the way you want it. Planning means finding ways to go from point A to point B and further, so all you have to do is envision yourself in the future and do your best to become what you imagined, despite the odds.
I wish you the best in whatever you do.


From: John Zipp(Director of Education at Foundation for Stress Relief and Education)
Date: February 10, 2010
To: Michael
There are a few simple steps you can take toward happiness. The thing is Michael, happiness is a never-ending journey and not a destination. You can”t plan to be happy. All you can do is try to be happy most of the time.

The first thing you can do is find out what you love to do. If you are doing that now, great, if not, what is it? We spend so much time at work that if we don’t love it, our lives will show that.

Second, focus on creating many magical moments. Too many times we focus on just acquiring things. We just want more stuff, thinking that will make us happy. I can tell you from experience that it is not the stuff that makes you happy, its the experiences you have. It’s those magic moments, like taking a walk down the beach with someone you love, seeing a child smile, or eating a great pizza.

Third thing is not to stress about life. Stress is the opposite of happiness, it is fear. The less stressed you are in life, the better you feel. My focus for the past few years has been on helping people get out of stress. You can check out my website I linked for tips on that.

I hope those things help. Happiness is just a state of mind and like all states of mind they are temporary, making them permanent is nearly impossible. So what we can do is strive to keep the up times of our lives longer and make the down times shorter. Pretty soon we won’t even notice the down times because they only will last a blink of an eye.

Wishing you the best in your journey towards happiness,

Dr. John Zipp

From: Phyllis Reardon(Life Coach Inc.)
Date: February 10, 2010
To: Michael
Michael, determine your life’s purpose. What do you really,really want? Then create your life plan in relation to this purpose. You use the word ‘our’ so create this plan in partenrship with the other person, people in your life but remember each and every person is unique and therefore their purpose will also be unique.

I work with:
Purpose…Plan….Persist……Succeed….Achieve Happiness……REPEAT, keep repeating!

From: DAVE MASKIN(The WireMan at
Date: February 9, 2010
To: Michael Chang

Do what you love to make a living…

From: Mike McRitchie(Director of Operations at RealCom Associates, LLC)
Date: February 9, 2010
To: Michael Chang
Live for the moment.


Learn your values.

Live your values.

Plan your life around living your values.

From: chenbagam pillai(Adviser in production at Dhanvanthri Nilayam Ayurveda Clinic)

Date: February 9, 2010

To: Michael Chang

Choose a simple life. Don’t compare you with others. ‘Imitation is suicide’.
‘Peace of mind’ should be your target. There are lot of such people in our society. So you can aviod unnecessary stress in your life……

With regards.

From: Danielle Sikorski, MHRM(Member of this professional organization at Toastmasters International)
Date: February 9, 2010
To: Michael

I have been reading a few books lately that address the challenge of leading a happy and successful life…I reccommend reading any one of these books which will give you some insight as to how to approach life to create for yourself meaning and purpose…which in turn will lead to a happy and successful life…

1. Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven R Covey
2. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
3. How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie

The main gist of all of these books is to focus on relationships, on having a positive attitude and on being proactive. Its about creating and keeping a positive attitude no matter what happens to you in life.

Steven Covey in his book the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People makes a point to say this….” In the space between stimulus and response is the freedom to choose your response” – which basically means we can choose how we respond to what life throws at us. It is in our choice of response that we can become happy and successful. We are a product of our own choice.

Also check out this video clip from Steven Covey on Success…

Hope this helps,


From: Steve Nikolaou(Senior Architect at The Buchan Group)
Date: February 9, 2010
To: Michael Chang
Live every day as if it were your  last.             
From: Rumyana Petkova(Independent Design Professional, Bulgaria)
Date: February 11, 2010
To: Michael Chang
Depends on what do you mean with successful and happy life? I mean to say that some people are feeling happy with so many simple things like to see the sun and hear a bird’s song each day others are feeling happy to buy a new car, a big house… etc. The success is very general conception to the same reason.

You have to find your own a way of life… Recommend you to read the books of James Redfield – The Celestine Prophecy… etc. A book that comes along just once in a lifetime to change lives forever. You have never read a book like this  before…

From: Arti Dhar koul(Consultant at Barclays Capital, Singapore)

Date: February 14, 2010

To: Michael Chang

Think success and happiness. Definition of success and happiness differs from person to person, need is to go inside the box. Think about yourself, your personality, your dreams, your desires, changes in your life, your drawbacks, likings and dislikings etc. Come out of box and define success and happiness and go ahead to achieve   it.
From: Mukesh Rao(Group Manager at Wipro Technologies, India)
Date: February 14, 2010
To: Michael Chang

very difficult to answer. There is no right or wrong answers. Each individual has his own definition of happiness. My definition of happiness is a peaceful and meaningful life i.e. should not be surrounded by anxiety, fear, hatered. Should have a purpose.
Anxiety, fear and hatered are functions of how much we depend on others for our happiness. The lesser we do, more at peace we are.

From: Mukesh Rao(Group Manager at Wipro Technologies, India)
Date: February 14, 2010
To: Michael Chang

appreciate your thought process. I believe what you call plan for life, I call discipline. I also believe the need for a guru/ guide for a peaceful life. I found one many years back and continue to live happily following his methodology.


Mukesh Rao

From: Dave Mason(Owner at Phoenix Signs)
Date: February 14, 2010
To: Michael Chang
I would expect this type of question to be right up the alley of a “think tank” like yours.

When you figure it out, let us know!

From: Tim(TGIFF) Tymchyshyn(proud owner of a Jerry Rice/Joe Montana autographed football, Canada)
Date: February 14, 2010
To: Michael Chang
you keep your head up and your stick on ice.             
From: Kathleen Black Reynolds(Attorney at Law Office of Mark Alan Perkins)
Date: February 16, 2010
To: Michael Chang
Success is getting what you want; happiness and peace are accepting what you have. -Dan Millman
From: Sabyasachi Nag(Engineering Director at Magma-DA, India)
Date: February 17, 2010
To: Michael Chang
Hmmm … it’s quite difficult to be successful and happy at the same time. Very few people can achieve that. The problem is simple – for success, you have to chase “more” and to be happy, you have to chase “less”. How could one chase “more” and “less” at the same time ? Success keeps you unhappy all the time while happiness slows down your success run.
One alternative you may try is this. Chase “more” and get them – this ensures your success. But once you get them, share them with the society/community so that you end up with “less”. This will buy you happiness. Then again allow your greed to take over and keep repeating this cycle until it becomes a way of life. 
From: Neha Kaushal(HR Consultant at GlobalHunt India Pvt Ltd, India)
Date: February 17, 2010
To: Michael Chang
Hey Michael

Hope you are doing great!!!
My answer will be:
– Don’t Compare yourself with others
– Have a Positive attitude
– Love yourself only then you will be able to love others & Humanity

& last but not the least don’t plan just do it. :

See I have a lil different opinion plans are important but many times situations in life come when you don’t get time to plan but you need to act. So all above help to act & act in a right way.

Neha Kaushal


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